Bitcoin Get the Info Here!

Bitcoin Get the Info Here!

Bitcoin is an electronic money created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The name is also associated with the open source software he designed, as well as using a peer-to-peer network without centralized storage or a single administrator where the United States Department of the Treasury calls bitcoin a decentralized currency.

Business for Vocational High School Students, Vocational Schools Can!

Business for Vocational High School Students, Vocational Schools Can!

Business for high school students can be done from an early age, meaning that even though they are still studying, business activities can still be continued after studying outside of school. Speaking of business is sensitivity to various opportunities on a number of occasions. The opportunities in question include the business for vocational students to be initiated so that one day they are ready to face the real world with a number of opportunities that can be played in the community.


Check DA PA Blog and Digital Marketing

Check DA PA Blog and Digital Marketing
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Book Synopsis: A Guide to Educating Pre-School Age Muslim Children

Book Synopsis: A Guide to Educating Pre-School Age Muslim Children
It is the experience of more than 30 fellow educators, which has been practiced in the education of students and their children, aimed at parents who want to educate their children Islamically with a thorough awareness, combining theory and practice, the program in this book is intended for children aged between 3 years and older. 6 years (pre-school age).

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Motorcycle Wash Business Capital Gain Additional Income

Motorcycle Wash Business Capital Gets Additional Income

Self-employed Self-employment A Strict Strategy
Own business, work alone build a business strategy. The Family Hope Program through economic modules and business planning provides a provision of economic knowledge towards independence or empowerment. The material is given alternately every month during family capacity building meetings or family development sessions fds).

Starting a business can be started from a strong desire to empower the family economy, utilizing the skills they have. Starting a business starts from the first consideration of things that support the business including strengths, as well as second opportunities in the form of things that hinder such as threats, for example everything that can cause business obstacles.

In addition, there are benchmarks when it comes to independent business. As a material for running your own business, of course, capital is a material to support your own business, work yourself to build a business with a precise strategy. Capital can be started from the capabilities possessed. Gradually it is necessary to evaluate the development of the business with its own capital.

Own business, own work, the next strategy that is of concern and note is marketing. Marketing tips include strategic own place of business, good quality products sold, competitive goods sold.
Own business, self-employment is able to gradually empower the family economy and perseverance becomes a guide in doing business. Economic empowerment through business if summarized first consider the feasibility of the business idea, secondly arrange the business carefully, thirdly monitor the finances regularly. May your own business continue to prosper and thrive.

Details of the motorcycle washing business capital and its accessories

The following is a list of capital equipment for a motorcycle washing business that must be prepared:
Compressor (Complete): IDR 650.000

Steam Air (Complete): IDR 400,000

Spiral Hose: IDR 200,000

Snow Wash Tube + hose: IDR 600,000

Spark Plug: IDR 130,000

Chain Set Lock: Rp 125.000

Banner: IDR 500,000

Big+small banner: IDR 500,000

Sticks: IDR 300,000

Call Call: IDR 90,000

Inflator: IDR 200,000

Brush and Sponge: IDR 75,000

Motorcycle Shampoo: Rp. 150,000

Tire polish: IDR 100,000

Stamp: IDR 75,000

Promotion Fee: IDR 250.000

Brush: IDR 30,000

Futura chairs 6 pcs: IDR 2,500,000

Cashier Desk 1 pcs: Rp 1,300,000

Boots and Gloves: IDR 90,000

Note: IDR 40,000

Total : IDR 8,305,000

The details of the simple car wash business capital are as follows:
Item (Need) Quantity Price
Air Compressor 1 PK 1 Rp 1,500,000.00
Water storage drum (80 ltr) 1 Rp 150.000,00
Spiral hose 3 Rp. 200,000.00
Wipe Kanebo/Chamois Super 4 Rp 80.000,00
Microfiber Wipe 2 Rp 40.000,00
Tire Polish @ 1 liter 2 Rp 90.000,00
Motorcycle Shampoo 5 liter 1 Rp 50,000.00
Sponge 2 IDR 30,000.00
Promotions (Banners, Flyers, etc.) IDR 230,000.00

Total Capital IDR 2,370.000,00
The above capital does not include the cost of renting a place and employee salaries. However, you can start by doing your own business to save costs.
How much income will you get per month? The following is the calculation simulation:
Estimated income for a simple motorcycle washing business:
Number of Orders/day Number of Orders/month Price 1x Motorcycle Wash Total

15 motorbikes 15 x 26 = 390 IDR 10,000.00 IDR 3,9000,000.00

Operational Costs Per day Number of Working Days Per Month
Electricity IDR 75,000.00 26 IDR 1,950.000,00
Motorcycle Shampoo IDR 15.000,00 26 IDR 390,000.00
Tire Polish IDR 20,000.00 26 IDR 520,000.00

Total Operational Cost IDR 2,860,000.00
BEP calculation:
Assumption BEP = Total Capital / Net Income Per Month
= IDR 2,370.000,00 : (IDR 3,900,000 – IDR 2,860,000)
= IDR 2,370.000,00 : IDR 1,040,000
= 2.5
So, within 2.5 months of BEP your capital has returned.
One thing to note is the location for the business, because choosing the right location is directly proportional to the success of the business carried out later. The strategic location provides an opportunity for customers to stop by to clean their vehicles at the vehicle wash business.
In addition, provide the best service and other attractive offers so that customers remain loyal to the services provided. So, have you prepared a motorbike washing business capital for additional income?

Motorcycle Wash Business Capital Gain Additional Income

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4 Tips on Saving for Going on Umrah

4 Tips on Saving for Going on Umrah

Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world, most of the Indonesian population is Muslim. In general, Indonesian Muslim communities carry out Umrah to the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia using Umrah travel or an Umrah travel company or travel agency that specifically organizes Umrah travel services or Umrah travel widely spread in Indonesia.

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What is Umrah? Saving Umrah Early On Saving Umrah For Future

Saving Umrah Early On Saving UmrahSaving UmrahTable of Contents1 Saving Umrah Early On Saving UmrahSaving Umrah2 Saving Umrah Early On Saving Umrah3 Saving Umrah Early On Saving Umrah4 How to save Umrah for parents5 umrah how to save money6 save money for umrah7 References:Saving Umrah Early On Saving Umrah Umrah is one of the activities …

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Tips dan Kiat Meningkatkan Traffic Website Secara Alami

Meningkatkan traffic website secara alami menjadi salah satu peluang dan tantangan untuk membuat artikel atau konten menarik dibutuhkan pembaca, dicari dan ingin digunakan untuk membantu sesuatu yang sedang akan dialami pembaca. Traffic website menjadi parameter di tengah persaingan digital semakin kompetitif di perjalanan waktunya. Keseriusan penulis blog atau website menjadi salah satu tolak ukur eksistensi …